The Saint John of Bulgaria?

Well I think the title speaks for itself. It’s hard to ask you because most likely you have never been to Burgas so it would be hard to compare the two. However I will tell you why I think it could be. 

Russian and Bulgarian flags
First it’s a port city, Saint John calls itself the port city and so does Burgas. They both have large port facilities serviced by large rail-yards and trucking facilities. I think Burgas may be a little bit more busier but I am not going down to the nitty gritty of tonnage. Just by observation I am making this assumption, Burgas has far more cranes at their port than Saint John. Both are located on bays, Burgas is on the Burgas Bay and Saint John on the Bay of Fundy. Both have ferries. The uptown section of Saint John is on a peninsula and downtown Burgas is also. (Those not familiar with Saint John should know we call our downtown uptown) 

Communist era apartment building
Both have an Island with stuff on it. In Burgas I refer to St. Anastasia Island and tourist can take a ferry to visit this small island off the coast. It houses a small monastery. Saint John has Partridge Island and it is filled with history. Burial grounds of thousands of Irishmen, artillery observation towers disguised as cottages (can’t tell in today’s condition), old gun placements and underground network of tunnels. Currently tourists can’t access this island but apparently people are looking into the feasibility to this happening. 
Trail leading to the Black Sea
Both cities economies are heavily industrial based. As well both have large bodies of inland water, Saint John with the Saint John and Kennebecasis Rivers and Burgas with the three large Burgas Lakes.

River leading from one of Burgas’ large lakes heading to the Black Sea
Now that I have regaled you with with why I think Burgas is pretty much Saint John I will tell you a bit more of what I thought about Burgas and Bulgaria. 
The EU and Bulgarian flags
I left Istanbul which has a population of 14 million people and went to a country with a population of about 7 million. Burgas itself is not the largest city, it’s number four in Bulgaria. With this lack of people came a lack of English. First day I had trouble getting laundry done and purchasing bus tickets to Bucharest. So few people spoke it or even understood a little. In the end I went to the largest hotel and was in luck they had cleaning services and a travel store. However the interesting thing about it is that I’d say close to 40% of stores were named something in English and if they weren’t they had some sign in their window with English script. Yet hardly know one knew it.
Abandonned buildong mear the port
Bulgaria is super cheap, 1 BL (Bulgarian Lev) is equal to $0.70 Canadian. Even with the exchange rate things were generally cheaper than in Canada. So that made life great because it will make up for when I hit the Euro and British Pound. 
Walked right into the abandonned bus company
 The food was great, one night I had shark fished out of the Black Sea. However I did find that Bulgarians really don’t server anything hot. I find it’s just under what I would think is an acceptable temperature. I really found this when I ate breakfast. Oh and my shark meal which I had with Rakia a local brandy and some Fanta cost me all of 17 Lev! 

All of this for 17 lev and did I mention it was great!
I find that Bulgarian men take great pride in their women. When ever I conversed with a man they would always ask if I liked the women here because that was the best part about Bulgaria. I will admit their were some very attractive women in Bulgaria, but no different than home or anywhere else.
Well folks that’s it for my findings in Bulgaria. I am currently in Romania and I have two stops so look for two posts. One on Bucharest and the other on Brasov and Bran. 
I am so confused


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