From Someone Else, Part Two

So I am now sitting in the Moncton airport so I thought I would post Denna’s pre-adventure post. My adventure has begun and even though I’m traveling today I still plan to hit some sites while I am in NYC, so stay tuned for more!

“Hello everyone, this is Denna. Christopher asked me the other day if I would be able to write a quick post before the trip about thoughts and preparation and things of that sort. As well as another one once we get back. 

How it came about for me to join Christopher’s adventures was that one evening we were talking and I had mentioned something about credits that I have with WestJet and what I should use them for. He asked if I wanted to join him in London, without hesitation I accepted his offer. I started looking for prices for flights into London and unfortunately it was a bit too expensive for my budget. So then he said that I should look at prices to come into Hamburg instead, so I did and it was much cheaper and something I could actually afford to do. After that I went and found the same flights that Christopher has to London, Dublin and back to Halifax. 


I will be joining Christopher and his mum in Hamburg on the first of June. From there we go to London on the third and Dublin on the sixth and return back to Halifax on the ninth of June. This trip I think will be very exciting for me as it will be my first time in Europe and my first time outside of North America. 

Christopher’s mum is doing most of the planning for Germany. Christopher and I have been looking at some things that we would like to do while in London such as the London Eye that I believe we decided to do at night, possibly the London zoo mainly to go see the sloths, I am sure that if he were able to hold one it would make his life complete. We are also planning on going to see the trooping of the colours on the last Day that we are in London. 


Once we depart London we head over to Dublin. We were debating going up to Northern Ireland but because we only have a limited time there we decided to stay around Dublin. While in Dublin the big thing that we decided that we absolutely have to do is the Guinness Brewery, how could someone go to Dublin and not go there. We were looking for other things that we should do while we are there and the Kilmainham Gaol is on the list of things to see. 

I do not think that there is any one particular thing that I am looking forward to or most excited to see, as it is all new. What I am really looking forward to is exploring and seeing and doing as much as we can.”


Also to note from now on my posts will be made using my phone so they may not come out as nice and pretty as my previous posts.

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